Introducing the Consortium for Rare Earth Technologies

ATI established, and is sponsoring the consortium operations of, CREaTe to bring together the community of organizations that mine, process and use Rare Earths, and connect them with the organizations that can develop technologies to help them.

CREaTe’s mission is to develop technologies for extracting, processing, reclaiming and finding alternatives for rare Earth Elements (REE) with improved economic feasibility and reduced environmental impact. Our vision is to leverage collaboration to achieve U.S. Rare Earth Element Independence.

If your organization has expertise in any of the areas below, we encourage you to consider joining CREaTe.

Innovate along the Supply Chain

Recycle Icon

Alternative and unconventional sources such as recycling, coal tailings, and deep-sea mud

Mining Icon

Resource mining and extracting, including eco-friendly approaches

Mining Processing Icon

Processing including upstream ore separation, downstream refinement, and purification

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Innovative Separation Technologies

Waste Disposal Icon

Waste disposal, treatment and mitigation

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Rare Earth Elements and Strategic Material Applications

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Rare Earth Elements substitutes

Who Should Join

CREaTe focuses on enabling collaborative technology development from pre-competitive roadmapping up through prototype development and production for the benefit of the entire U.S. industrial base.

Government Representatives

Industry: Users of Rare Earths

Universities, Labs, & Non-profits

Industry: Extractors, Processors, Reclaimers

Industry: Technology Developers