Current Members

We are currently seeking new members with expertise across the entire US rare earth supply chain. This includes key end users, extractors, processors, reclaimers, tech developers, universities, and labs.
Company NameNon Traditional StatusBusiness Class
14bis Supply Tracking
AECOM Process Technologies
Aequor, Inc.
Ames Laboratory
APL Engineered Materials, Inc.
Arnold Magnetic Technologies
Base Studio
Battelle Memorial Institute
BD Consulting and Investigations, Inc.
Beacon Industries, Inc.
Blue Technology LLC
BlueDesal, Inc.
Booz Allen Hamilton
Cambria County Association for the Blind and Handicapped
Capitol Integration
Christopher WnukNontraditionalSmall
College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University
Colorado School of Mines
Concurrent Technologies Corporation
Corinne Young LLCNontraditionalSmall
Cornell University
Cornerstone Government Affairs
Cornerstone Research Group
Creative Engineers, Inc.
Critical Materials Recycling (CMR)
DKW Consulting LLC
EGOR R&D, Inc.
ENIF Consulting LLC
Exergy Systems, Inc.
FIPR Institute, Florida Polytechnic University
Freedom Technologies, Inc.
GE Chaplin
General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS)
Ginkgo Bioworks
GlobalNow and VERSO
GlycoSurf, Inc.
Graphene Layers
Graphite One, Inc.
Great Plains Partners
Greentech Minerals Advisory Group
Griffiss Institute
Grist Mill Exchange LLC
Guided Particle Systems, Inc.
Hamilton Mining & MarketingNontraditionalSmall
Hazen Research, Inc.
Hudson Sterling LLC / Sahmin (US) LLC
ICD Alloys and Metals LLC
II-VI Aerospace & Defense
IM Technologies LLC
Infinite Elements
Inventus LLC
J.A. Green & Company
Katz Water Technologies
Koch Modular Process Systems
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Leonardo DRS
Life Cycle Engineering, Inc.
Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control
Lynntech, Inc.
Mannahatta Partners LLC
Materials Research LLCNontraditionalSmall
Materion Corporation
Matsys, Inc.
Metatomic, Inc.
Minerva Lithium
Molten Salt Solutions
MP Materials Corp
MuniRem Environmental LLC
Naval Research Laboratory
NuMat Technologies
Orbital Sidekick, Inc.
Pangea Filtration Technology LLC
Parallax Advanced Research
Pendar Technologies LLC
Phoenix Tailings
Physical Sciences, Inc.
Polaris Alpha Advanced Systems, Inc.
Polaron Analytics
Polykala Technologies LLC
Powdermet, Inc.
PRD Tech, Inc.
Precient Technologies LLC
QuesTek Innovations
Rare Earth Salts Separations & Refining LLC
Rare Earth Technologies, Inc.
Raytheon Technologies
Rio Tinto Services, Inc.
Rivalia Chemical Co
Riverside Research Institute
Savengy Technologies LLC
SimBlocks LLC
Skuld LLC
Smardt Chiller Group, Inc.
SMI, Inc.
SNJ LLCNontraditionalSmall
Southern Company Services, Inc.
Southwest Research Institute
SRI International
Strategic Control Sciences, Inc.
Strategic Marketing Innovations
Tetramer Technologies
The Process Group LLC
ThREE Consulting/Caldera Holding LLC
TPL LLC (dba Two Planet Steel)
Tusaar Corp
Universal Achemetal Titanium LLC
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Urban Mining Company
USA Rare Earth LLC
VPI Technology
Weinberg Medical Physics, Inc.https://www.WeinbergMedicalPhysics.comNontraditionalSmall
Western Rare Earths
Xlight CorporationNontraditionalSmall
XSB, Inc.
YMC America
ReElement Technologies
Los Alamos National Lab
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Montana Technological University
CF Technologies, Inc.http://www.cftechnologies.comNontraditionalSmall
Forge Nano
Strogen Strategic Sustainability, LLChttp://www.strogen.comNontraditionalSmall
Watts & Fisher Pty Ltdhttps://www.wattsandfisher.comNontraditional Small
Fluid Photonics Corporation
Precision Combustion, Inc. NontraditionalSmall
MTL Corp NontraditionalSmall
ALKEMIO NontraditionalSmall